All about The Wanderers film.
This short fantasy film begins when high school graduating senior, Anne has been working tirelessly to save up money to go on a summer trip to Europe with her Mom. Anne’s Mother makes the decision that they need to fix the dilapidated house over going to a trip to Europe. Anne is heartbroken and breaks down in her room.
As she is crumbling on her bed crying she sees a light outside a window and climbs out and runs toward it. She goes to the woods and happens upon a group of wanderers who give her shelter in their beautiful golden glen. The Wanderers (Spruce and Blossom) reveal to her that they are portal travelers and make Anne an offer to travel the Universe. She has to make the decision to have Universal Teleportation and leave her home forever or choose the path that will lead home.

Production Notes


For our short film, one day of shooting required us to build a set outside in the backwoods at Full Sail. While prepping the woods for filming that day a storm came in and rained us out. We had to organize the crew to quickly prep all of the gear and make a company move inside in order to get out of the rain. We managed to save most of the gear with only a small amount of things getting wet and losing one tent to damages.


The good side was after all of this chaos our art department created a beautiful recreation of woods inside the sound stage and we are so proud about it. It is a very funny story that the crew will always remember, but also a learning experience about how to adapt to a situation in order to complete a project. 


THE WANDERERS Technical Specifications 


•Total Run Time: 9:52

•Audio: Dolby Digital 7.1

•Aspect Ratio: 16:9

•Camera: Sony F65 with Canon and Sony Lenses

•Color: RGB Color

•Negative Format: Sony Raw Lite

Inspiration for the Film

This short fantasy adventure film takes place in the deep south and is inspired by such works as; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Lost, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, A Wrinkle in Time and Alice in Wonderland.




Director's Vision Statement



I am inspired by spaces and telling a story through it’s location. I want to utilize the location of the Wanderer’s Glen similar to the magic of the island on Lost. I am inspired by creating two separate worlds that juxtapose each other in the film. Anne’s world of a crumbling house with images of her travel dreams covering the cracked walls. And the Wanderer’s Glen, a bohemian paradise.


The question I am exploring with this short fairy tale like film is, “What are you willing to sacrifice for your dream? What is your own path?” A wish or an accomplished goal that happens instantly never happens without effort, even if you’re a portal traveler. It takes time and patience to live out one’s true dream.  


My true inspiration for the themes I am exploring in The Wanderers is my pursuit of following my own dream of being a director. The script is actually a metaphor for my journey of making the decision to pursue my MFA at Full Sail. I always envisioned myself pursuing an MFA in Directing for Theatre or mainly working in the theater industry. My path has changed and I chose a new one suited to what I hope to accomplish in my life. I am pleasantly surprised to say that the decision exceeded my own expectations and can’t wait to see where this path will lead me.


I hope audience walks away inspired to stay true to themselves no matter the obstacle and follow their own path. 

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